How to Square is a Technology Blog, here you can read "how-to" articles about Computer, Windows, Mac, Smartphones, Android, iOS, Games, and of course Tech articles. and because I am a Weaboo sometimes I'll also write some Anime stuff.

As I write above, this blog will be focused on "how-to" articles related to technology, and in each and every article, I will try to explain things as simple as possible so you, the reader could easily understand what I intended to explain.

Basically, this blog is where you go when you need some explanation to do some technical things, let say something isn't working properly on your computer and you want to try to fix it.

Plus if you like Anime as I do, maybe this blog will be a good place for you.


Author of How to Square
Hi, I'm Mulia Mahendra Alvanof, the author of How to Square
and I run this small blog all by myself.

Currently, I'm studying at the University of Malikussaleh to get my Bachelor's Degree in Informatics Engineering and if things went well, I will get that Degree by 2021.

I wanna thank you for visiting How to Square and I hope you get what you need here.


At last, If you still have questions or somehow need to contact me, feel free to send me an email at muliamahendraalvanof@gmail.com