How to indent first paragraph line in google docs app


How to indent first paragraph line in google docs app - Unfortunately, there currently isn't a way to tab indent a line within the mobile app. Google is adding new features all the time to the mobile app, however one of the alternatives is to open google docs in your browser and indent the first line of the first paragraph there, or simply using your computer which will be written below.

How To Indent Paragraphs In Google Docs 

Indenting paragraphs in Google Docs needs access to the ruler, that you’ll only notice within the full web version. The ruler isn't present within the mobile apps.

For whatever reason, Google Docs doesn't create the ruler accessible in its mobile apps. Google Docs also doesn’t allow you to create indents by formatting styles. So, if you would like to make indents, you’ll need to use the full net version, and you’ll need to make the ruler visible.

To start, select the paragraphs to that you would like to use your indent


Next, take a look a look at the ruler at the top of your document (if you don’t see the ruler, head to read > Show Ruler). At the left side of the ruler, you’ll see 2 light blue markers stacked together: a horizontal bar on top and a downward-facing triangle on the bottom.

The horizontal bar is the 1st Line Indent marker. It’s used to control the indentation of the primary line on no matter paragraphs you have selected . the Triangle is the Left Indent marker. It’s used to management the indentation of the whole paragraphs you have selected .

By default, both markers are set at the right fringe of the pages left margin (so that your text starts right at the edge of the margin), however you can change that.


Let’s begin by making the foremost common kind of indent—the 1st line indent. choose one or more paragraphs, then drag the first Line Indent marker to the right. It’s alittle element that needs a precise bit of clicking, thus use your browser’s zoom function if you need to.

As you drag the marker to the right, shows a vertical line thus you'll be able to line up your indent, and displays a black box at the top indicating how many inches in you’re indenting. let go of the marker once you’ve got it in place and your paragraphs can show the new indentation.


You can use the Left Indent marker if you would like to indent all the lines of any selected  paragraphs from the left margin. choose your paragraphs, then drag the Left Indent marker to the right. This time, all the lines of the paragraphs are moved to the right. this type of indent is handy if you would like to include pictures or side headings out to the side.


You can additionally use a combination of the 2 markers to make something referred to as a dangling indent (sometimes called a negative indent), where the primary line of a paragraph isn't indented, however all ensuant lines are. These are typically used in bibliographies, works cited, and references pages.

This one is a two-step method. First, drag the Left Indent marker to the right to set the level of indent you would like.

Second, drag the primary Line Indent marker back to the left to, in effect, eliminate that line’s indentation.


Google Docs additionally makes “Increase Indent” and “Decrease Indent” buttons out there on the toolbar. You’ll see them towards the right end of the toolbar, although if you’re not viewing your browser window full screen, you'll need to click a button with 3 dots to reveal any hidden buttons. The indent buttons seem like this:


Click either to bump the full left indent (every line of selected  paragraphs) right or left by a half-inch with each button press. It’s a fast way to control a full paragraphs indent, however the buttons don’t offer you near the flexibility as using the markers on the rulers.

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