how to change lowercase to uppercase in google sheets

How to change lowercase to uppercase in google sheets - In this tutorial, i will show you ways to change text case in Google Sheets. you can convert any text into upper case, Lower case, proper case (also referred to as the Title case), or Sentence case.

If you’re not familiar with these text case, below is an example that shows what every of those is.


The quickest way to change case in Google Sheets is by using formulas.

And the different way is using an add-on.

how to change lowercase to uppercase in google sheets

Change Case using a Formula in Google Sheets

Google Sheets has 3 formulas that are meant to alter the case of the text:

  • UPPER – this perform converts the text into upper case
  • LOWER – this perform converts the text into lower case
  • PROPER – this perform converts the text into proper case

Each of those formulas takes one argument as input, that is either the cell reference that contains the formula or the text itself in double-quotes.

For Example, if you've got the text ‘lorem ipsum’ in cell A1 and you would like to convert it into upper case, you'll be able to use the below formula:

and you can additionally hard-code the text into the formula and use the below formula

=UPPER("lorem ipsum")
In each the cases, the result would be LOREM IPSUM

You can use a similar logic with LOWER and proper formula still.


Converting Text to Sentence Case

While there are dedicated formulas for upper, LOWER and correct case, there's nothing in Google Sheets to provide you a sentence case (which is perhaps the most required option).

A sentence case is wherever solely the first alphabet of the first word is capitalized and rest all is in small letter.

Below is the example:

While there's no direct perform for this, you'll still do it with the formula below:

=ArrayFormula(join(". ",replace(transpose(TRIM(SPLIT( A1 , "." ))),1,1, upper(left(transpose(TRIM(SPLIT( A1 , "." ))),1))))&".")

One of the drawbacks of using a formula to alter case is that it needs you to add/use a brand new column and gets the result in those new columns. you can copy and paste (as values) the resulting data over the initial data, however that adds a couple of additional steps.

If you would like to convert the case of the text of the info while not using a new column, you can use an add-on (covered next during this tutorial)

Using an Add-On to change Case in Google Sheets

If you’re open to using an add-on, this can be positively one of the best ways in which to handle change case in Google Sheets

The best part concerning using an add-on, during this case, is that it doesn’t need me to add any new column because it works on your existing columns/cells and changes the case instantly with one click. Also, you don’t ought to bear in mind and worry concerning formulas.

The add-on that i like to recommend to alter case in Google Sheets is the ChangeCase add-on by Alec Tutin.

You can install it in a few clicks and it provides you plenty of choices once it involves changing case in Google Sheets.

Let me quickly offer you the steps to put in this add-on in Google Sheets:

1.Open the Google Sheets document within which you would like to change the case of text
2.Click the Add-ons tab


3.Click on Get add-ons

4. within the Add-ons window that opens, look for ‘ChangeCase’ within the field in the top-right


5.In the list of add-ons that are shown, click on the Blue buttons for the ChangeCase add-on


6. within the window that appears, it may ask you to verify your account by logging in to your Gmail. Enter the credentials and click on on the blue ‘Allow’ button.

This would add the ChangeCase add-on to your Google Sheets.

Now let’s see the way to use the add-on to alter the case in Google Sheets.

  1. Select the cells within which you've got the text that you simply wish to change
  2. Click the Add-ons tab
  3. Hover your cursor on the ChangeCase option
  4. Select from the options to change the text within the chosen cells.
  5. Since this uses a Google Script to change the case, it may take a couple of seconds to get the work done. just in case you've got chosen a large range of cells, this could take a few more seconds.

Apart from the regular upper, Lower, Proper, and Sentence case, the add-on also offers 2 additional options:

  1. Invert Case – wherever it simply inverts the case of every alphabet
  2. First letter capital – wherever it capitalizes the first letter of every word. this is often the same as proper case, with a minor distinction that it might even capitalize words like a, an, if, etc.

When you add an add-on in Google Sheets, it’s only available within the document in which you added it. If you open another Google Sheet document or a brand new one, you'll need to add this once more to use it.

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