Pou Deleted from Playstore

So that famous pet simulation game, Pou disappears from  Playstore today, and this makes a lot of fans already missing that wonderful game.

Pou Deleted from Playstore

Pou Disappears from Google Playstore

Today I saw a post from a facebook group and that post is about a game, a game that is very familiar for a lot of us, Pou.

And that post stated that Pou has been deleted from Playstore, and of course, i don't believe it at first, because on what particular reason a developer want to delete or remove their games that has hundreds of millions of downloads.

So I go to check it myself, opening the Playstore app, typing the search query "Pou" and here is what I got

That game,  one of the first game i have on my android phone, Pou isn't on Playstore anymore.

Don't believe it? go try and check it by yourself

The Reason Why

To be honest, at this point I actually don't know the reason why this game magically disappear from the Playstore, why? because there isn't any information about it anywhere,  even on the game official website, at least for now.

So here is my speculation, there are 3 possibilities why this is happening.

The Developer temporary removing the game to do a full major update, Playstore deleting the game, and the developer fully delete the game from Playstore, once and for all.

Although the last possibility doesn't make any sense and really unreasonable, "why would someone want to delete their really famous game with hundreds of millions of downloads ?".

That last possibility is actually the most probable one, why? A developer doesn't need to take  their game to disappear to do a major update and there is no reason for Playstore to delete that game.

It's still on the Appstore though.

You Can Still Play the Game

The game is disappeared, deleted, removed, or whatever the reason, it's gone, it's not on Playtore anymore.

But if you still want to play the game, it's still possible, really possible, really easy actually.

You just need to search the Pou APK file on Google, Just search something like "Download Pou APK" and just download from one of that many websites you can choose.

What do you think about it? is it the right move to delete the game? comment on your thought below.


Pou already on Playstore again and turn out the developer only temporally delete the game to make an update, so it is still there. Go check it by yourself and maybe download the game if you want to try to play it again

6 Responses to "Pou Deleted from Playstore"

  1. Thanks god this app is coming back

    1. i found pou game when shared on gamehottrend, when i downloaded Pou mod apk version with all the functions, and infinite amount

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